Creation of Derby Depot

Okay, so this starts from behind the scenes. The official launch of Derby Depot is due to happen once my first big order arrives which should be in the second week of June. Until then I am fluffing with perfection and struggling with designs.

With budget restrictions I have had to split the (major) brands I want to stock into two as they are managed by different distributors. Once I develop expect to see Atom, Bionic and others appear. Once I can get Crazy on board then I will be able to carry their products.

This business thing proving more difficult than I first imagined. Not the technical aspect, I was fully expecting an overload of technojargon to be added to my vocabulary (and hours of research) but the frustrating part is convincing manufacturers to sell to me. New Zealand is far far away and skate companies are resistant to sell to online only stores. Understandable that they want their skates to be fitted correctly and sold to the 'right' person. I have seen so many posts on UsedDerbyGear (FB) where people have bought the wrong size or skates don't fit correctly and lose money trying to resell new gear. I will overcome this barrier however and am already looking at options to go and learn how to fit/mount and assemble skates so I can pass this knowledge on to you.

Hopefully you are starting to understand that this is not just another store. I am pretty passionate about skate gear and am not in it for the money (however that would be nice). I won't just stock anything I am pretty selective. I try the things I buy and I talk to others about what they use and why. I care about where things are made (which is why I won't stock certain unnamed skate brands), quality, performance and service. I am the underdog searching for the hidden industry secrets and so far I am off to a good start.

Now, I only have to survive a few weeks of website torture.

Thanks for reading and welcome to the ride,



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