One week on

Okay take two. My first draft just had a fateful accident with technology and now has been relegated to the aether where all lost and irretrievable data/thoughts end up.

After a week of being 'live' I had to be reminded to stop and celebrate that achievement as I had already moved on to worry about the next project that needs addressing (in the constantly expanding vision for Derby Depot). Website is one thing, complete battery of services is another. This in turn made me start to reflect on my very short but life changing RollerDerby career thus far. Celebrating, let alone recognising my achievements is something that not only I struggle with but I know many people I train with do. When you graduate Fresh Meat feeling a little proud and pretty awesome you immediately become humbled once you attend your first full league training. Once again you start at the bottom and I never realised until recently how much resilience was need in derby. I don't mean the literal getting back up after falling or continuing to push forward when you keep being recycled back kind of resilience, I mean the not being hard on yourself if you are not as good as you want to be resilience (and still coming to training when you feel useless resilience). The bar does keep rising as we build on our base skill knowledge and we need to be okay with that happening.

I see it all too often. People get scrimnesia and only remember the things that did not go well. It is easy to lose sight of all the small improvements as we keep looking towards the big end goal (being the best in the league/country/world?). After talking to the most experienced skaters in my league I learned that they have their own idols so there is never any sitting on laurels at the top of the skill tree. This sport like many is constantly evolving. What was considered cutting edge derby three years ago has been replaced with a newer type of game and skill set. There is no end to skill mastery which should be one of the reasons why people stay addicted rather than feel disheartened. This is why we need resilience and to become better at micro goal setting. It makes everything that much more obtainable and in a game context I can walk away feeling that I did more that flail about if I have one thing per jam to really focus on and measure success by.

Anyway, this wasn't intended to be a blog about feels (my love of human development often encroaches) but to apply life realisations into a business context. What started as one woman's personification of divine intervention now needs to demonstrate resilience and continue to grow with help from you. Derby Depot needs your ideas and knowledge to be great. We are already exploring stocking products recommended by you and we are receptive to your ideas. In order to offer the services we want we will need your support but for now we are setting micro goals and taking it step by step.

This week we start work on the interactive calendar which aims to centralise a range of information, making Derby Depot an essential resource. This may take a while as it is one of our top features but we will keep you updated.

Happy solstice everyone and remember the good thing about winter is sweating just a little bit less,




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