Derby Depot Needs You

Kia Ora friends and community. 

It's been an epic four years and in that time Derby Depot has travelled, educated and challenged how people think about the gear that serves them on the track. 

We have learned so much from the leaders and newbies that keep rollerderby thriving in the undercurrent of New Zealand sport. Our gear knowledge has been tested and expanded by brand experts and skaters from all over Aotearoa (and beyond). Sharing your experience has helped others find their best gear match.  

We had BIG ideas. We wanted to:

Develop local gear specialists
Provide leagues with full colour product catalogues
Offer affordable quality starter packs
Bring NEW brands to New Zealand to challenge the norm as some brands have not changed/evolved which is disappointing
Centralise all games, bootcamps, rookie skater courses into one easy to navigate interactive map complete with links and contact info
Tour the country offering coaching, gear education, and custom gear consulting
Empower women to make decisions independently and selfishly
Unify New Zealand Rollerderby through collective goals and values
Keep having discussions on what we can do to ensure this is a safe space/sport for women/individuals
Encourage open-mindedness for gender inclusion
Help identify areas for change to increase skater retention
Test and offer brands based on quality and performance
Simplify gear advice through FAQs, tested sizing charts/comparisons and colourful diagrams

Did we achieve our goals? 

Some of these goals we achieved, some were started and a few never made it into reality as many of these goals are more than one person can manage. Derby Depot has grown so much and in order to continue to have needed and relevant place in the community, we need help. If you are interested in investing time and working with us then let us know. You have been great patrons but we need to innovate and grow as import costs and margins are tough. 

Sales Pitch

If you have an interest in buying a skating company with full training, ongoing support which includes business planning and gear education then contact me to discuss. 

If you have time and want to learn about SEO, social media campaigns, website maintenance, accounting, skate building, warehouse management in exchange for experience and free gear, then let me know ( we would love someone else to take over order fulfilment).

To be sustainable, we need volunteers, investors, and help to expand into other markets. It would be sad to close up and no longer have Derby Depot around to offer gear advice but I am burnt out from four years of building a wonderful thing. I now need new energy to continue and evolve what I have built. 

Everything is for SALE

In the meantime, we are selling ALL of our remaining stock at close to or below cost price. It's always good to have a clear out and NOW is your chance for big savings. 

Any leagues who don't have spare parts in their lockers should consider messaging me about bulk cushions, cushion cups, parts etc. I can give you an excellent deal on bits and bobs. I have a LOT of stuff that is not on the website that I use in the workshop that is useful for any league with rookie skates/donated gear that might need refreshing. 

Signing off 

Thanks again for all your support. We've loved the deep and meaningful chats, the offer of accommodation and open support for Derby Depot. This community is important so ensure you look after it and bring your best every time you skate. There is so much oppression and negativity in the real world so let's not bring it to our skating whanau. 

Love, Celia aka Crash Test Honey

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