About Us

First there was Derby Depot, an online and travelling shop that aimed to educate and promote all things Roller Derby to New Zealand skaters. After 4.5 years of building relationships and helping skaters find their best fit, Derby Depot was only part of the larger vision. 

Celia loved Rollerderby and asked 'why are more people not skating?' With the development of skate friendly skateparks, community groups, and cycleways nationwide, she wanted to get more people outside and rolling, whatever wheels they used (some people are loyalists but Celia doesn't discriminate). 

There were also other issues. There were no specialist skate shops for recreational skaters, and the existing products on the market were cheap, not designed to provide a positive experience and not sold by people who love skating.

That sparked the idea for Skate Squad. A shop that encourages the social connection of skating and encourages you to find your squad, whether that be friends/colleagues or family. 

Skate Squad doesn't want to over complicate things. We provide quality gear that has been tested to be durable and hard wearing. We don't want to sell junk that will break, or skates that will soon be outgrown. In a competitive market we want to provide sustainable options that will adjust as your child grows, so hopefully won't end up in landfill. 

We want you to pick us because we want you to have a great experience. This isn't just about buying a pair of skates or blades, it's about a new lifestyle: being active and gaining mastery over your body and the world. It's about building connections with people and finding your squad. It's about making good decisions and taking risks. 

We're pleased to announce that with the launch of our newly branded site, we also have a pop-up shop in Auckland over summer (Nov '19 - Jan '20). Come and visit us so we can help you make better gift choices this year. 

Auckland Shop:
430A Ellerslie Panmure Highway
Mount Wellington
Auckland 1060






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