Crash's Personal Sizing Information

This handy guide might help you with selecting the correct sized products. Based off my personal measurements so might not be accurate for your body shape/foot style.

Please note that this is a living document so it will get added to as we get to stick our feet into more skates.


Crash wears a size 8 in regular normal person shoes and usually fits skates that are 25.1cm (often they end up being slightly too large). 

 Brand Model Size
Antik AR1 (2nd Gen) - These are a little roomy now they have worn in.  6
AR1 (2015) 6.5
AR1 Phantom (2017) 7
Spyder (narrow boot - sized like Riedell) 7
Bont Hybrid - Microfibre 5.5
Hybrid Carbon - Durolite 6
Quadstar 5.5
Prostar 5.5
Crazy DBX3 and Neon 39
DBX range *NEW* 38
Sure-Grip Rebel (really we are a 6.5 but there are no half sizes) 7
Boxer/GT50 6
Riedell R3 7
Mota Mojo 6.5


Notes on sizing:

Riedell boots are generally suited to regular/narrow feet with rounded toes. At the higher end of the market you can get some with a wider last (shape) and you can pay extra for customised boots. Our experience with the R3 left us knowing that our toe box and sides of the feet were too wide. We spend a few months breaking them in and always had problems with foot cramp/pain.

Sure-Grip - The Rebel boot is leather (outer) and offers a comfortable 'not break in' type fit. Good for wider feet but again but still has a rounded toe box. The GT50 is similar but made of vinyl. The Boxer is of a more narrow design. Heavier boot due to padding and sole. Due to the padding any SG boot will compress over time so will become looser. Consider this when selecting size.

Antik - The major difference in feel between the new and older AR1 models is the padding and shape. The new boot has a wider toe box and laces right to the toe. It goes from a more classic shape to being more square which is good for New Zealand feet. Don't be fooled by a higher boot to support ankles. Restricting ankles is not a good thing nor a solution to prevent breakage. The high boot is great for preventing rubbing and I don't lace mine all the way up anyway. The Spyder is more rounded in the toe and a narrower skate. 

Bont - All Bont boots size differently and even within the Hybrid model the sizing is different depending on material type. Even though the sizing is universal between different models, the shape of the last can make a 5.5 Hybrid feel different to a 5.5 Quadstar. We like the lack of heel in the boot and that it makes us closer to the ground but we generally find the boot stiff and those who want padding won't find it here. Bont's are extremely lightweight which people love. The new Quadstar is leather, has a more square shape and a higher ankle and the Pro star again is wide but a synthetic version of the Quadstar. Some people have issues with their big toe due to box height which could be fixed with some spot moulding. 

Crazy - Super comfortable boots with lots of specific padding and heel lock. The NEON has a narrower toe box compared to the newer models and it also has a heel on the boot. The Neon also has a higher ankle than the DBX4/6/8 but this can help make sure you are in derby stance. Some people find the padding bulky but generally a good skate for wider feet. Has lots of toe box height. 

Mota - We love the idea behind Mota. It has a fully anatomically designed boot with a great pinched ankle. It is more firm as it is designed to hold you in so there is no more spill over onto the sides which leads to tensing/cramping. Due to the secure fit of the boot we expect your toes to sit right at the end of the boot and tough the end. 






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