Fresh Meat

Hello and welcome to the world of derby!

Derby Depot believes in finding the right fitting gear to suit all budgets and want to help new skaters get skating faster so offer discounts on set builds and payment options.

Experience tells us that when skaters have a chance to try gear before they buy they end up will end up with a mixture of brands/sizes. For this reason we don't generally recommend buying generic Fresh Meat packs. If buying full sets we offer an overall discount so that you can customise to suit. YAY for flexibility.

The list of items below has been filtered to include only entry level options to limit the overwhelmingness that is skate gear.



Stick to your budget and prioritise. It is better to buy comfortable skates (boot) and upgrade parts later. Don't buy the best skates on the market straight away. Your skating style and demands will change and often skates can turn out to be the wrong fit which can be painful, expensive and stop you from enjoying your time rolling.

Prioritise good quality knee pads over anything else if you can. This will save you in the long run. So many people get bruises or aggravate past knee injuries as the borrowed knee pads are often lacking in padding due to compression and wear and tear. Also good solid knee pads mean you have less distance to fall so yay for making knee taps easier.

So you wanna skate? You will need:

Helmet - Don't buy secondhand. Helmets need replacing after a major impact. If you buy second-hand you don't know the history and could be putting yourself at risk. Use skating (rounded) helmets rather than Bicycle ones. We love S1 and TSG but can also get Triple 8 and 187 brands.

Wrist Pads - Simply put there are three styles - The three strap, the sleeved (slide on) or the open back/palm style. If you have had wrist injuries the Smith Stabilisers and Ennui keep you locked in and secure (but are expensive). If you want minimal wrist coverage then the 187 Derby and Atom wrist (our most popular) guards could be a good option. The T8 Roller Derby wrist is another big seller. People who have a tendency to 'grab' could benefit from a high palmed guard to restrict movement.

Elbow pads - Elbow pads probably see the least action and then as you fall less you will find them not as important (personal opinion). Often to start people want all of the protection but eventually move to a lower profile elbow pad. Buy what fits your budget. The ones in the pad sets should see you through your course fine. 

Knee Pads - All knee pads have a different shape and fit so we highly recommend trying before you buy. Some are long and have side padding (Smith Scab) which may or may not be right for you. You will know straight away if you like a knee pad or not. You don't want a gap/air pocket between your knee and the pad or any digging from the edges. Our personal favourite is the TSG Force III Knee pad. 

Mouthguard - You can get these from any old sports shop but we only sell one type as they are the best. The SISU Guards are fantastic. Lightweight and re-moundable they are the most comfortable guard we have ever worn. They are NOT BULKY and you can talk and drink with them in - Disclaimer the white will discolour over time.

Skates - People often by based on price and aesthetics but each brand has a unique foot shape so buy what fits you. Have a look at our sizing chart for specific brand information. This collection contains what we feel are the best options for entry level skates but do not reflect the complete range available. If you wear an insole this will affect sizing - we are very passionate about correct fittings and love offering free consultations.

 Check out Crash's personal sizing chart

Please note that sizing is not universal and differs between brands so ask us if unsure (or better yet ask to try on gear from League members).

Have fun and remember airing pads and keeping them clean is good for everyone.



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