Parts for Powerdyne Plates (Riedell/Antik)
Parts for Powerdyne Plates (Riedell/Antik)
Parts for Powerdyne Plates (Riedell/Antik)
Parts for Powerdyne Plates (Riedell/Antik)

Parts for Powerdyne Plates (Riedell/Antik)

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Give you gear a service to ensure it lasts as long as you need it to. We've found some parts in our warehouse so are selling cheap. 

What we have:

PoweDyne Arius Plate 

  • King Pin Nuts x 2
  • Toe Stop Screw x 6

Cushions can be found here

PowerDyne Reactor Plate

  • King Pin Screws (each plate needs two and there is a short and long screw)

Cushions can be found here

General Parts for Powerdyne Plates (Reactor/Rival/Revenge etc)

  • Lock Nuts (each plate comes with different coloured nuts but the fit is universal)
  • Toe Stop Screw (there are two different lengths depending on your plate. I have provided measurements so you can get the correct size)

Cushions can be found here

Toe Stop Inserts for Thrust Plate (Riedell R3) can be found here

Replacement Truck for Thrust Plate (Riedell R3/Triton) can be found here

Replacement Truck for Revenge/Rival Plate can be found here

We receive more questions about sizing than any other type combined! We get it, you don't want to get it wrong and we want you to have a positive shopping experience.

We recommend watching the video below to get started and then viewing the relevant sizing charts below. 

Here are our top tips to help understand sizing:

- Measure your feet following a guide like the video provided (don't just draw around your foot on a piece of paper). This ensures your feet are measured accurately.

- Consider your toe shape and foot arch. This can affect comfort, for example, I have one wider foot so my little toe rubs the inside of skates that have a narrower toe box. If your feet are wider then you might want to consider getting the next size up.

- If you have feet that are different sizes then buy the size to fit your largest foot. It is easier to add an insole to reduce skate size than to make it larger.

- The measurements we list are of the insole of the skate. This is larger than the foot so we recommend adding 4-6mm to your foot measurement to get yout skate size.


 Dream/Disco/Glam/Rocket/Zoom Sizing (not all sizes available for all models)

 Crazy Pop/Glitter Pop


 Crazy 148 and 168 sizing
 Crazy AIRlite Sizing TEAL
 Crazy AIRlite Sizing BLACK
 Crazy DV8 Sizing



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